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Our new collection is inspired by Studio Gang’s project: The Aqua Tower. Borrowing from the characteristics of terrestrial topography. The tower was imagined as a vertical landscape made up of hills, valleys and pools. The multiple surfaces of different shapes, creates movement and depth into this piece of art. Especially the element of movement were fascinating, and has been the main keyword of this collection. The Aqua & Wave collection is created of soft textiles that move with the body. The soft and peachy surfaces makes this collection comfortable and easy to use. The garments are classical with a slight twist, which is our key design philosophy. We have focused on delicate textiles of a high quality, and you will see both cashmere and silk in some garments. The individual styles appeal to all shapes and sizes, with volume, straight fits and adjustable wraps. The main purpose of this collection has been to create everyday outfits that can be up-styled and used for more festive event. We have selected a few bold colours like orange and blue, in order to create something to compliment those famous black jeans