Økologisk Lettershirt velour, flere farvemuligheder

550.00 DKK

Økologisk Lettershirt velour, flere farvemuligheder

550.00 DKK


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Our Little RWD style is a customised sweatshirt for kids. The sweatshirt has a raglan sleeve and is made from soft velvet cotton in 3 different colors. Design your own shirt with your favorite statement, child’s name or initials. Lettershirt is made from 100% organic and GOTS certified cotton. It is made by order at our studio in the desired size and color. You can also place a special request if you wish either smaller or bigger sizes. Please notice that once the shirt is made, it cannot be returned to the studio. Feel free to make an appointment, if you wish to have a closer look to the sizes. Unfortunately we do not have Æ, Ø & Å.


This style has a loose fit.
The sizes apply to the standard measurements.
Because size 86 + 98 are the smallest, there are only room for 6 letters pr. row.
At 7 letters or more, the name will be slightly curved.

Size 86: 12-18 months / Chest width: 55cm / Waist width: 52cm / Hip width: 55cm

Size 92: 1,5-2 years / Chest width: 56cm / Waist width: 52,5cm / Hip width: 57cm

Size 98: 2-3 years / Chest width: 57cm / Waist width: 53cm / Hip width: 59cm

Size: 104: 3-4 years / Chest width: 58cm / Waist width: 53,5cm / Hip width: 61cm

Size 110: 4-5 years / Chest width: 59cm / Waist width: 54,5cm / Hip width: 62,5cm

Size 116: 5-6 years / Chest width: 60cm / Waist width: 55cm / Hip width: 64cm

Size 122: 6-7 years / Chest width: 62cm / Waist width: 57cm / Hip width: 67cm

Size 128: 7-8 years / Chest width: 64cm / Waist width: 58cm / Hip width: 69cm

Size 134: 8-9 years / Chest width: 64cm / Waist width: 58cm / Hip width: 71cm

Size 140: 9-10 years / Chest width: 64cm / Waist width: 58cm / Hip width: 73cm

NB: We do our best to get your shirt ready as quickly as possible, but please notice that is can take up to 7 days from your order date, to the shirt is sewed.

Garment information
Textile: 100% Organic and GOTS Certified cotton

Care instructions
Tumble dry a low heat
Dry Flat
Shrinkage up to 5%

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