“When i shut my mind off, the fun begins”

The Journey
My name is Rosa Winther Denison. I am the mind behind RWD.
The journey of RWD started 2014. With a vision to create a high quality brand. I focused on 2 annual collections with classic looks in colorfull prints and twisty details.
After a couple of years, I really started missing the more creative aspect of fashion. I was longing to have the actual garments in my hands, generating ideas while working. I wished for RWD to be even more sustainable working with slow fashion methods.

This urge resulted in the line “Made in Copenhagen” –  garments and accessories purely made in our studio. The vision later developed into a more sustainable strategy, and in 2017, I decided on focusing less on RWD’s commercial lines, and more on simple tailored styles with an avantgarde take. I decided on going back to the starting point, of why I initially wanted to become a fashion designer.

I have always loved to knit all the accessories myself, and believe in concept of slow fashion.
I value creating products with my own hands – to work with minor details and making them perfect.

My Inspiration
I am definitely fascinated by geometrical shapes and volume. My collections are mostly inspired by interesting architects
but i also enjoy to explore specific shapes, like the square. During my process of designing, I experiment with various
buildings and by interpreting their aesthetic expression. I strive to create a synergy between a domain of slid structures and supple materials.

Through my experimental and intuitive design process, I aim to create collections that satisfy the multiple needs of modern women. Raw materials are rigorously evaluated and chosen carefully with a strong focus on quality and diversity.
The collections are distinctive and classical, yet slightly askew. I wish to integrate a strong and sophisticated expression,
with that little extra twist that makes the individual garments stand out.


Rosa Winther Denison




At RWD we care about our planet as well as the citizens who inhabit it.
We wish to spread the belief in a more sustainable planet, especially inside the realm of clothing manufacturing. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integrated part of
the business philosophy, adhering to the international standards regarding human rights, quality security and environmental protection, is a high priority for RWD.


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